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Believe It or NOT ? 

Now you can make yourself BULLET and EXPLOSION resistance glass / door / wall with Simple steps D.I.Y.


With STEC 1Armour and Ballistic resistance laminates and shield, you can turn your existing door / window glass into BALLISTIC level. Protects you and your belonging from Bullet, Explosion, Robbery, Hijack, Smash, Flying stone, Petrol Bomb, etc.




STEC is an official producer for 1 Armour. Incorporated in Malaysia. A specialize OEM manufacturer for Ballistic Protection laminates and polymer armour / armor shield which are use to produce Armored car, armored vehicle, Cash in Transit and Security vehicle for Top Government officer or VIPs car.




STEC has its own Research and Development team conducting research for the best material, technique, know how, formula, etc to improve its armour ballistic shield protection level from time to time. Combining ideas and way to make things simple for consumer. Do It Yourself is the latest technology that STEC 1 Armour has to offer. To make everyone to produce their own ballistic level window, door or wall, simple, fast and cheapest way.




With its few OEM factories from size of 80,000 to 200,000 square feet located in Asia, STEC has the advantage in producing armour ballistic shield material which is much cheaper then others.

STEC production capacity may reach up to USD500,000 sales per day.

Which is currently exporting to more than 25 countries with more than 200 importers worldwide.