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Believe It or NOT ? 

Now you can make yourself BULLET and EXPLOSION resistance glass / door / wall with Simple steps D.I.Y.


With STEC 1Armour and Ballistic resistance laminates and shield, you can turn your existing door / window glass into BALLISTIC level. Protects you and your belonging from Bullet, Explosion, Robbery, Hijack, Smash, Flying stone, Petrol Bomb, etc.



STEC Bulletproof Sheet - BS model

STEC Ballistic Glass Shield against weapons such as Gun and Bomb is a very special technology developed for 1 Armour application.

The basic material is STEC R-1 armor resistance laminates. With special know how, technology and skill, STEC develop to higher level of protection to withstand Bullet and Explosion.

Basic criteria of STEC 1 Armour Ballistic Glass Shield are:

  • 99.9% UV rejection to protect skin and interior.
  • Transparency or clarity is between 70% to 85% depends on the thickness.
  • Cooling effect
  • Weight is from 350gm to 700gm per square feet depends on the thickness.

As for vehicle application, the weight is approximately 1.3kg to 2.6kg per side window which is very light compare with thick bulletproof glass.

Further, it can be dismantled without leaving any mark on the glass. The only stain on glass are the adhesive which can be removed by alcohol.

If there is any emergency, passenger from inside is able to break out the window, but from outside it is very difficult.

The best part is that after installing STEC BS5 or BS10, the window still work as normal. Not dead function offer by bulletproof glass.